50 Effective Business Cards


You know even the best business card design will not guarantee your business success, however it is one of the first ways to leave a great and lasting impression with your customers.
When you design and create an effective business card it will show your creative and communicative skills.

For some industries, it’s quite simple and also very advantageous to design your card around your company’s offerings. All of the cards here do that by giving an instant image of the products or services being offered. …continue

Business Card Guerrilla Marketing


A brief explanation of guerrilla marketing would probably be any type of non-traditional promoting that you do for your business. The more creative and unorthodox, the better (sometimes). Remember, consumers today are bombarded by typical advertising and have certainly grown numb to it.

But before getting in to all the different ways that you can market with business cards, it’s  important that you have high quality, well designed business cards that will leave a lasting impression with your customers. This is especially important when your customers are not currently in the market for your products or services. Don’t cut corners! Have your cards professionally designed and printed. This will help make your marketing efforts payoff. …continue

How to Calculate Web Development Costs

Calculating Web Development Fees

If you’re a web developer or designer for a corporation, you probably don’t need to worry about how you bill your clients since you’re probably on a salary or you have a predetermined hourly rate.

For us freelancers, we have to figure out how to best charge our clients for work completed. We want to be fair and charge our clients a fair price, make a decent living, and get enough referrals from our work so we’re not struggling to find our next project. …continue

Smart Real Estate Signs


Why does our inventory of almost 3.5 million homes for sale in the US lack intelligent signage in this day and age? We have the technology to boost productivity and generate more leads from Real Estate property signs by making a small upgrade to them and in the process, gain insight on those farming areas and acquire some great analytical data too.

Your existing inventory of Real Estate signs can be easily field upgraded to make them smarter using a technology that costs as little as $1 per sign! How? This technology uses simple inexpensive polyester labels that are both UV protected and water resistant. They can be purchased from most small sign shops. …continue

Create the Perfect Business Card


We all know how important business card marketing is, but it seems we still fail to hand them out when the opportunity permits. I think the reason is twofold. First of all, I don’t believe most business people think their business cards will have a major affect on the recipient and why should they? There’s nothing special about them, in fact they’re probably outright boring. Secondly, business people often forget to carry them, again, because they’re probably outright boring. We tend to show-off things we’re proud of.

In order to keep your business cards out of your contact’s trash can, you need to create something special, a perfect business card!.  Design them carefully, and you’ll end up with  a miniature billboard that fits in a pocket, capable of promoting your company’s products and services for only pennies a piece. …continue